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Unipoli Sport communicates via many different channels. 

1) Web pages

The most important communication channel is the web page of Unipoi Sport, which contain very much imporant information about the services.

2) Monthly newsletter

The most imporant and actual news of the month are gathered together in the newsletter, which is published online and on the Intra pages of each university. You can also subscribe for the newsletter mailing list to get it directly to your e-mail.

3) Intra pages of each university

The official communications channel of each university is their own Intra page, which also has the information of Unipoli Sport's services.

4) Social media

Unipoli Sport communicates via Facebook and shares pictures also via Instagram.

5) Wall prints

The information boards at each university has Unipoli Sport's posters and informatoin about other events.

6) The communication channels of each university

The University of Tampere: The current sports matters in Finnish are communicated via sports-email list. The instructions on how to join the email list online at Tamy's web page. The information on the sports list is available only in Finnish.
Tampere University of Applied Sciences: The current sports matters are communicated also via the student union Tamko (online and Tamko Topics)

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