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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Unipoli Sport?

Learn more about Unipoli Sport here.

I would like to do sports but I do not know what to do first!

Get to know the instructions, pay the sports fee and apply for access rights when necessary. It is easy to start using our services!

1. Pay the sports fee to your own university.

  • Unipoli Sport fee is paid to the university where you are studying or working.
    • After the payment the access rights to your own university's sports facilities are loaded automatically.
    • You can start using the facilities and services in your own university normally.
  • Remember to scan the access card to the reader at every visit - also even if the door would be open.


2. I also want to do sports at other campuses!

  • To be able to use the sports facilities and services at other campuses, the access rights need to be applied for separately.
    • Take your student/staff card with you and get the access rights from the desired campus according to the instruction.
    • After having applied for access rights at other campuses, you can start using the services also at that specific campus.
  • Remember to scan the access card to the reader at every visit - also even if the door would be open.


Sports fee

How can I pay the Unipoli Sport fee?

The Unipoli Sport fee is paid to your home university, meaning the one where you are studying or working. Check your university’s the payment instructions on the price list.

Where can I get the payment receipt?

The students can get the receipt with the payment. If you pay with a bank transfer in an online bank, you can print the receipt after the payment has been completed. If you wish to pay directly on the spot (e.g. UTA: Atalpa or TAMK: Tamko's office or info desk), you will get the receipt after the payment.

Staff members can print the receipt from the system or get it from the locations (e.g. UTA: Atalpa or TAMK: info desk). Please, see the instructions in more details by university in the price list or ask the appropriate contact person of the university in case you cannot find the information online.

Do I need to pay a separate fee for the summer period?

No, the summer selection is included in the (slightly higher) spring period fee and for the fee for the entire year. Please, see the price list with the dates in more detail here. If you wish to use the services only during the summertime, you need to pay the spring sports fee.


Access rights

How can I update my access card after the payment?

After paying the Unipoli Sport fee, the access rights of your home university are loaded onto your access card either automatically or with your first visit to the facilities. If you wish to use another Unipoli Sport university's sports services, you should apply for these rights separately. Students and staff of TUT and UTA use their student/staff card as their access card at all locations. Students and staff of TAMK use their Tamko student card or another card using the same technology, such as a TKL travel bus card. Remember to take the card with you when going to get the rights. If you do not have a card suitable for this use (TAMK), a new card will be given to you when applying for the access rights. You can use the same card for access rights at all locations. (Students and staff members of TAMK use their own access card at TAMK facilities)

NOTICE that UTA/TUT students need to have their student card with them when applying for another campus' rights. Therefore, in the beginning of the term, when you do not yet have your actual student card, it is possible to use only the services of your own campus (with the payment receipt).

You can find more detailed instructions by university on the price list.

What do I need to take with me when applying for access rights at another university?

You will need to take your student card (TUT and UTA students and TAMK: Tamko students) or staff card (all universities) with you.

Where do I find more information on applying for the access rights?

See the price list.


The use of the services

I have just started my studies and am still waiting for the student card to arrive. Can I already start using the services even though my card has not arrived yet?

Yes, you can start using the services at your own campus. At UTA and TUT you can use the services by showing your student certificate and the payment receipt at the reception each time when using the services. (If you have not completed the payment yet, you can do it according to the instructions.) When your student card arrives, the access rights will be loaded onto the card, which is shown to the reader at each visit. At TAMK the access rights to TAMK facilities are loaded onto a separate access card. The possible student card is used for loading the access to the other campuses, which means you can start using the services on the other campuses as soon as you have your student card. If you are not a member of Tamko, hence will never receive your student card, you can start using all the services immediately by following the instructions online. Read more about using the services on the other campuses here.

How can I use the services of other universities, other than where I am studying/working?

You need to apply for access rights of the sports facilities in the other universities. Please, see access rights.

Can my friend studying elsewhere join Unipoli Sport activities?

No, unfortunately. Unipoli Sport services are meant only for Unipoli Sport universities' (TUT, TAMK, UTA) staff, post-graduate students and undergraduate students registered as present. As the right for using Unipoli Sport's services is based on the home university, students and staff of other universities are not allowed to use Unipoli Sport's services even if they would be living in Tampere. Also, students in the open university or the university alumns do not have the right to use Unipoli Sport's facilities or services.

Can I book a massage or other individual service at a university other than my own?

Yes, as all the services of Unipoli Sport, also all the individual services are also open to every Unipoli Sport customer – student or staff – to use. However, exceptionally the massage services at TUT are open only for the students and staff members of TUT. Please see the service descriptions and price lists for more detail by university.

Do you provide customers with an insurance policy?

No, an insurance policy is not included in the Unipoli Sport fee. It is the individual’s responsibility to provide their own insurance policy if necessary.

Can I continue using the services even after graduating/my working contract has expireed?

The right to use the sport facilities and services ends on the day when the student graduates or the working contract of the staff member ends. Read our terms of use here.


Sports courses

I would like to participate in one Unipoli Sport course, but would not use any other services. Do I need to pay the Unipoli Sport fee just for this one course (in addition to the course fee)?

Yes, but with the affordable Unipoli Sport fee you will automatically get to use all services on all three campuses, so it is definitely worthwhile!



Do I need to make a reservation for a gym visit?

No. All the gyms are available according to the opening hours, there is no need for a separate sign up. Please, remember to check the single reservations shonw in the Facility Calendar in each gym before your visit as the gym is not available for use when it is reserved for other use.


Booking a game slot

Where can I book a regular time slot for a ball game on an indoor court?

Check the instructions by university. Regular time slots can only be booked at one's home university. However, every Unipoli Sport customer, regardless of one's home university, can join the separate activity time slots at each university. Please ask the contact person of the time slot or the sport staff at the university for more information. Everyone is also welcome to join the activities of the sports clubs. More information can be obtained from the contact person of each club. Read more about sports clubs.


Group exercise classes

Where do I see, if the group exercise class is cancelled this week?

Information about class changes and cancellations is published online on the front page. If you wish to get these notifications also to your email, you can join the email list using your email address. See the notifications and/or join the e-mail list.



How can I get the newsletter delieved to my e-mail?

Please, subscribe for our newsletter here.

I no longer wish to receive the newsletters to my e-mail. How can I cancel it?

Every newsletter comes with a link and by clicking the link you can cancel the subscription. You can cancel it also by following the instructions here.

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