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Unipoli Sport - University Sports in Tampere



Unipoli Sport provides high-quality, versatile and equal sports services for university students and personnel in the Tampere region. You can use three campuses' services for just one fee!


Services are provided on all the univiersities´ (Tampere University of Technology (TUT), University of Tampere (UTA) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) form the Unipoli Sport community) campuses.

For Whom?

Unipoli Sport's services are open to all 35,000 TUT, UTA and TAMK students and the universities’ 4,500 employees. All personnel, postgraduate students and students registered as present can use the services as long as their right to study or employment contract is valid. Students and personnel from other schools and university alumni do not have the right to use Unipoli Sport facilities or services, even if they would be living in Tampere.


Unipoli Sport's services are open throughout the year (closed on public holidays and bank holidays). The functional periods are 1 January – 31 July and 1st August – 31st December. You can see the opening hours of each campus in more detail here.

How much? 

The Unipoli Sport fee is paid according to the practices of each university. The fee can be paid separately for each semester or for the whole academic year. After paying the Unipoli Sport fee at your own university, you can also use the sports services at all Unipoli Sport universities. Access rights need to be requested personally from the university in question. Learn more about the price list and payment instructions here.

Where I can get info?

Unipoli Sports´ most important communication channel is the web pages where all the current issues are updated. Additionally we inform via social media, universities´ intra pages and information boards. We also have a monthly newsletter in which we gather all the most important news of the month. The newsletter can be subscribed direct to your own e-mail.

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