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1/2016 JANUARY

The spring period 2016 began 1 Jan 2016!

The spring payment period of Unipoli Sport began 2 January, 2016. The payments made for the entire year are valid until 31 July, like the spring payment. The price list for the spring is the same at each campus. Exceptionally, there is a higher price for those students in TAMK, who are not members of the student union Tamko.

Price list

Unipoli Sport fee

Price *

Spring 1.1.–31.7.2016

€ 42

* at TAMK the students that are not member of Tamko have a higher price: €52



Remember to apply for the access rights!

After paying the Unipoli Sport fee, access rights to your own university’s sports facilities are loaded automatically onto your student/staff card or access key. Access rights to the other universities must be requested personally from the university in question, before which the use of sports facilities in other universities is not possible. You need to have the payment receipt and ID with you. The access rights need to be requested separately for each academic year. See instruction in more detail online. 



New group exercise class program

The group exercise period of the spring is valid 7 January – 29 April, 2016. Check the classes in the new timetable or get yourself a pocket size timetable from the sport locations.

See the class descriptions and go to the classes to try out different ones. Only by testing the classes you are able to find the classes most suitable for you!

NOTICE! For the spring, you will need a separate access card when going to the Xycling class at Elixia Kaleva. You can get the access card from your own sports location. If you wish to get the card from another Unipoli Sport campus, where you have not yet applied for access rights, you will need to have also your student card (if applicable) / staff card with you. Read more online.



Course enrolment is now open

The enrolment for the sports courses of the first enrolment period is now open until 13 January. More courses will be added to the selection during the spring and the next enrolment period will start 15 February. Please, check the course selection and see possible exceptional enrolment periods.



Open house at the sports facilities 11-17 Jan 2016

Try out the sports services at each campus free of charge during the entire week of open house: 11.–17.1.2016. The group exercise classes, ball game slots and gyms are for free use without any charge. Only the badminton turns are reserved according to the general instructions during the open house week as well. Bring a friend studying or working at a Unipoli Sport university with you to try out different sports!



Get Started programme

The Get Started programme is available to all students and staff members at TUT, UTA and TAMK. You don’t need to have paid the Unipoli Sport fee in order to use the Get Started services!

The enrolment in the Get Started courses is now open!

The Get Started course will help you to start a new, healthy lifestyle. Enrol to ensure a place at the course and enhance your own wellbeing! In the spring there will be courses on gym training and body care. The course instruction will be in Finnish only. Read more in the course description.



FROSTY-BIC on Wednesday 13 January 

Frosty-Bic group exercise event will be held at TUT, Tamppi Areena, group exercise room on 13 January at 3-7 PM.  As every day during the open house week, also today all the group exercise classes are free of charge for students and staff members of TUT, UTA and TAMK (also without Unipoli Sport fee). Take your friend with you and sweat all the classes through or pick your favorite ones. Snack also available!


3 PM PUMP! (max. 50 persons. Get a token from Tamppi Areena info)
5.30 PM Sixpack
6 PM Circuit training



Traditional TUT-week will be held during the week 6 (8-12 Feb, 2016)

Unipoli Sport participates in the traditional TUT week by organizing two sample classes at Tamppi Areena, group exercise hall.


On Wednesday 10 February at 11.30-12.30, at Tamppi Areena group exercise hall

Adult ballet training provides well-rounded exercise, developing physical agility, body alignment and control through the practice of traditional ballet movements. The class covers classical ballet material using a barre and center floor. Take comfortable clothing and socks/ballet shoes. The tuition is in Finnish but the instructor also speaks English.

Instructor: Hanna Kahrola


On Thursday 11 February at 10-11, at Tamppi Areena group exercise hall

Yoga to get you flexible! Integral yoga hatha is inspired by Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. The class is constructed of warm-up, asana exercises and relaxation part. The physical asana exercises emphasize the maintenance of the muscles: strengthens the core muscles, stretches and challenges the balance. It is best to attend the class with bare feet, but some warm clothing is recommended for the relaxation part at the end of the class.

Instructor: Pekka Mäkiaho



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The subscription of the newsletter needs to be confirmed by replying to the confirmation e-mail or clicking the link in the e-mail, which is sent automatically after the subscription. However, Hotmail email addresses seem to have a problem in this regard. Please, remember to check your junk folder in your e-mail to be sure the confirmation e-mail is not automatically directed there. You can unsubscribe anytime.

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Have a sporty spring period!

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