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12/2015 DECEMBER


Get Started programme will continue in January

The Get Started programme is open to all students and staff members at TUT, UTA and TAMK. You don’t need to have paid the Unipoli Sport fee in order to use the Get Started services! ABC courses (on gym training and body care) will be available during the spring period as well. Please check the course selection.




Group exercise period ends on 13 Dec

The autumn group exercise period ends on 13 Dec, 2015. The spring period will begin after Epiphany on 7 Jan, 2016 with a new group exercise calendar, which is already available online.  

Ball game period for the spring is scheduled for 7 Jan – 8 May, 2016.

PLEASE NOTE! In the spring, you will need a separate access card when going to the Xycling class at Elixia Kaleva. You can get the access card from your own sports location. If you wish to get the card from another Unipoli Sport campus, where you have not yet applied for access rights, you will also need to bring your student card / staff card with you. The card can be collected starting from January. Read more online.




Sports course enrolment begins on 4 Jan

The enrolment for the sports courses will begin at 9 am. on 4 Jan, 2016. Please see the course selection online. The selection is updated in December and again for the second enrolment period in January-February.

The course enrolment periods: 4–13 January 2016 and 15–24 February 2016.




Open house 11-17 Jan

During the open house week, all the group exercise classes, the use of the gyms and the general activity slots of ball games are free of charge on all of the Unipoli Sport campuses for all the students and staff members of UTA, TUT and TAMK. Please, prove your status with a student/staff card or certificate. Welcome to test different sports and get to know the facilities!




Unique search! Participate in a group exercise class video shoot in January

Unipoli Sport will produce about 15 different introductory videos of different group exercise classes. We are now looking for eager sports enthusiasts to take part in the video shoot. Is that you? Please join us, it will be fun! Enrol by sending e-mail to by 28 Dec.


Requirements: Cheerful mood and a brisk attitude. Your own (colourful, if possible) sports gear.
Other: The participants are offered some snacks during the filming. Everyone will also be given product gifts.

Please note: We need binding enrolments. 5—10 people are selected to join each video shoot day.

Video shoot times and places:  

NOTE: The video shoot times will be fixed within these timeframes. The final recording time is approximately 5 hours per day within the time periods below. You can enrol in one or more video shoot days.


TUT, Tamppi Arena, Hervanta:

- Mon 11 Jan 2016 at 7-15

- Tue 12 Jan at 9-15


UTA, Atalpa, city centre:

- Wed 13 Jan at 9-14

- Thu 14 Jan at 7-14
(an extra day in case more video shoots are needed: Friday 15 Jan at 7-14).


PLEASE NOTE!! Enrol by e-mail to by 28 Dec. Please do join us!  

If you have any questions, please contact one of the sports managers at the campuses (, or




The results of the feedback survey have been published

The results of the feedback survey are now available online. Please also read Unipoli Sport’s replies to some of the questions and comments. The lottery winners are Juuso and Virva from TUT, Suvi, Katariina, Ella and Laura from UTA and Elisa from TAMK. The winners have been contacted by e-mail.




Exceptional opening hours during Christmas

Christmas affects the opening hours at the Unipoli Sport campuses:


TUT – Tamppi Arena:

Closed: 23 Dec at 14 until 26 Dec

Open: 27 Dec at 10–16

Open: 28–30 Dec at 6–21

Open: 31 Dec at 6-14

Closed: 1 Jan 2016

Open: 2–3 Jan 2016 at 10–16

Open: 4–8 Jan at 6-21

Open: 9–10 Jan at 10–21

Open normally from 11 Jan 2016 on



The gym at L-building at TAMK is closed for renovation until 31 Jul 2016.

FinnMedi gym will be closed 11 Dec–7 Jan 2015.


UTA – Atalpa:

Closed: 23 Dec at 4 pm – until 27 Dec

Note! The saunas are closed during 23–31 Dec.

Open: 28–30 Dec at 10–20

Open: 31 Dec at 10–16

Closed: 1–3 Jan, 2016

Open: 4 Jan, 2016 at 7–22

Open: 5 Jan 2016 at 7–16.

Closed: 6 Jan, 2016

Open normally from 7 Jan 2016 on



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The subscription of the newsletter needs to be confirmed by replying to the confirmation e-mail or clicking the link in the e-mail, which is sent automatically after the subscription. However, Hotmail email addresses seem to have a problem in this regard. Please, remember to check your junk folder in your e-mail to be sure the confirmation e-mail is not automatically directed there. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Unipoli Sport products are given out every month via a draw between everyone having subscribed to the newsletter list!

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Have a sporty Christmas season!

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