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Remember to scan your access card at the reader at each visit!

The access rights card needs to be scanned at the reader each time you use the sports services! Please also remember that if the reader is located at the door of the sports facility, you should not let anyone else in at the same time. Every customer needs to show their access card at the reader, also when the door is already open.

The access card is personal! The misuse of the card might result in withholding the rights to use the sports facilities and services.

Everyone using Unipoli Sport’s services needs to have paid the Unipoli Sport fee. This applies to all of the services of Unipoli Sport (including the use of the group exercise classes, gyms, ball games, courses and personal services) except for the Get Started programme.



Get Started programme

The Get Started programme is open for every student and staff member at TUT, UTA and TAMK. You don’t need to have paid the Unipoli Sport fee in order to use the Get Started services!

The enrolment in the Get Started course is now open!

The Get Started course will help you to start a new, healthy lifestyle. Enrol now and ensure a place at the course and enhance your own wellbeing! There are ABC courses for gym training and body care. Read more in the course descriptions.

Sports consultation

Sports consultation is a free two-hour-service that is meant to help students and staff members who are not currently active to find their own way of doing sports. The service is designed for people who have no health obstacles to training but who need some personal guidance to get started. The sports consultation service is free for every student and staff member of a Unipoli Sport university. Book a time from Selection Calendar (personal services) or by contacting the sports adviser directly. Read more online!



Course enrolment is open until 13th Sept

The enrolment for the sports courses of the first enrolment period is now open. More courses will be added to the selection during the autumn and the next enrolment period will start 11th October. Please, check the course selection and see possible exceptional enrolment periods.




Try out the sports services at each campus free of charge during the entire week of open house: 11.–17.9. The group exercise classes, ball game slots and gyms are for free use without any charge. Only the badminton turns are reserved according to the general instructions during the open house week as well.

During few weeks there are also other sporty events (see below)! Bring a friend studying or working at a Unipoli Sport university with you to try out different sports!

Bicycle event at each campus

Unipoli Sport provides you with a bicycle repair service that is free of charge. Bicycle doctors will do minor repairs to your bike. The bicycle repair service itself is free of charge but please have some cash on you for the spare parts, in case any are needed. Get a bicycle map and tips to biking in the city.

TAMK – at the courtyard next to Teiskontie
- On Monday 11th Sept
- Bicycle repair open at 12–4pm

UTA – at the bike shelter behind the main building
- On Tuesday 12th Sept
- Bicycle repair open at 12-4pm
- Buy a repaired bicycle 12-2pm

TUT – at the bike shelter next to Tamppi Areena
- On Wednesday 13th Sept
- Bicycle repair open at 12-4pm

Sports and wellness expo on Wednesday 6th Sept at 10 am –3 pm (TUT, Tamppi Areena)

Tamppi Arena will be filled with people on Wednesday 6th September from 10 am until 3 pm with sportive stands and shows when Unipoli Sport and the sports clubs of TUrVoKe ry are presenting their sports selection in the sports hall at TUT. You will find info about joining the sports clubs, interesting sport shows and different stands. Check your body composition (5€) or challenge your friend to try Archery Tag at 11-14.

Ruska bic on Wednesday 13th Sept at 3-7pm (TUT, Tamppi Areena)

Come and try out different group exercise classes at TUT! Some snacks are offered in between of the classes. Choose your favourite or do a longer workout of two or more classes!




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However, Hotmail email addresses seem to have a problem in this regard. The subscription of the newsletter needs to be confirmed by replying to the confirmation e-mail or by clicking the link in the e-mail, which is sent automatically after the subscription. Please remember to check your junk folder in your e-mail to be sure the confirmation e-mail is not automatically directed there. You can unsubscribe any time.


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Have a sporty autumn!

Unipoli Sport



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Have a sporty summer!

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