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Applying for a fixed time slot

Fixed time slots mean slots that are reserved for the whole academic year (or only for one term). Slots can only be applied for from your home university.

Student organisations, associations, sports associations and clubs can apply for a fixed time slot. The group applying for a fixed time slot must have a contact person responsible for the time slot. The Unipoli Sport fee must be paid by everyone participating in the time slot. Even if you are not a part of the student association or other group having booked the fixed time slot, you can still contact the association to ask which ball game is being played, and if it is possible to join them.

The seasons (terms) for fixes slots:

  • Autumn: 1.9.-31.12.
  • Spring: 1.1.-15.5.
  • Summer: 16.5.-31.8.

On summer- and Christmastimes there are exceptional opening hours which means that the fixed time slots are on a break. These times are informed separately on our website. Opening hours differ on different campusses. The weekly opening hours can be checked from the facility calender.

Applying times:

  • Autumn- and Springseason slots are applied by the end of May (31st May)
  • On Christmastime it is possible to end or change the time of the slot
  • Summertime slots are apllied by the end of April (30th April)

Summertime slots are apllied straight from campusses. Contact the heads of sport services by email.
Autumn- and spring slots are applied via electric form.


Instructions for applying for a fixed time slot



City center


Hervanta - TUT

Tamppi Arena


  • Bommari slots are dealt in the early autumn (August-September) in a separate booking event (time announced separately in the news)
  • There is a slot lottery 
  • If there are available slots after the lottery, you can apply for them at the Tamppi Arena customer service


Kauppi - TAMK


City Centre - UTA

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