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Ball games

All of Unipoli Sport's campuses have large sports halls where you can play different kinds of ball games, such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, floorball, etc. 


  • The ball game time slots start when scheduled and finish at the latest 5 minutes the scheduled time to enable a smooth change-over.
  • The Unipoli Sport fee must be paid by everyone participating in the ball game time slot.
  • In addition, certain time slots require a separate reservation fee
  • People outside of the Unipoli Sport community (i.e. people not studying or working at a Unipoli Sport university) are not allowed to participate in the time slots, excl. exceptions mentioned.
  • Possible accidents, damages and faults that occur or are noticed during the time slot should be reported immediately (TUT and TAMK: Sports office, UTA: Atalpa reception).


Kuva: Jonne Renvall/TaY


There are ball game training time slots that can be reserved (ONLY) at your home university, i.e. the university where the applicant is studying or working. Student organisations, associations, sports associations and clubs and societies (and sub clubs of TUrVoKe, Tolu and UtaSport) in each university have the possibility to book a fixed slot, to which it is possible to join.



There are separate time slots when (a section of) the sports hall is reserved for a particular unorganized sport. Everyone can join these time slots regardless of their home university.



The TUT campus in Hervanta has a Beach volleyball court. The thick layer of special beach volleyball sand guarantees an authentic playing experience. The court is available for free use by TUT students and staff. Also, the Unipoli Sport fee entitles every Unipoli Sport customer to use the court for free. A reservation can be made but is not required.

  • The reservation calendar shows the time slots for one week at a time. The time slots for the following week are published every Thursday at 9 am.
  • The time slots can be reserved 8-22
  • Remember to reserve a ball from the bulleting board of the TUT main building second floor if you want to borrow it. Return to the same location if previous/next reservation does not need it.
  • Remember to cancel your reservation if you can not attend your slot
  • One group can book one 1,5 hour slot per day.
  • Book a court via the Selection Calendar (outdoor ball games).



BILLIARDS   Picture: Annika Viiala/TUT

TUT Tamppi Areena has a 9-feet billiard table, which can be used by everyone having paid the Unipoli Sport fee.

  • The reservation calendar shows the time slots for one week at a time. The time slots for the following week are published every Thursday at 9 am.
  • If the table is free, it can be used without reservation also.
  • No table fee.
  • Table can be reserved from the Selection Calendar (billiards) (max. 1 hour per week per person).




Foldable table tennis table can be found from Tamppi Areena ball gaming hall storage room. Table and other equipment are picked up from the storage room before the reservation. Table tennis can be played in any of the badminton courts reserved in use. Hint! Use the floor ball rink pieces to avoid the ball running away.

The second table tennis is a located in the building L on the campus of Kauppi. If the table is free, it can be used without reservation.




There is a hitting wall for players of many different sporting activities at the Bommari of TUT. The inelastic wall can be used to practice golf, baseball, disc golf etc.



You can also make private reservations to the sports halls for playing badminton, for example. Read more.

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