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Enrolment instructions

Course selection

The courses are grouped mainly in two challenge levels: beginner and advanced. If you have not tried the sport before, you should choose the beginner course. If you already know the basics of the sport and are looking for more of a challenge, enrol yourself on the advanced course. Every participant should define their own challenge level in the sport. Some of the courses have an open challenge level and is then marked with open. These open courses are suitable for everyone. 

Enrolment and cancellations

You need to enrol on Unipoli Sport’s courses via the Internet pages of Unipoli Sport. You can find the enrolment links in the Selection calendar and also in the course selection list. Also, the enrolment periods are found in the course selection list. Enrolment begins on the first enrolment day's morning at 9 am and is open until the end of the day of the last enrolment day. You need to enrol to the courses one by one.

The number of sports courses on which you can enrol is not restricted, i.e. you can enrol on as many courses as you wish. It is not possible to get study credits for sport courses.

Preconditions for enrolling

  • The enrolment system functions via Haka-identification, so a valid university user name and password are needed. Hence, you need to be registered as a student, post-graduate student or a staff member at a Unipoli Sport university (TUT, TAMK, UTA).
  • The Unipoli Sport fee and the course fee must be paid.
  • If the course is organised in a sports facility of a university, you also need to have applied for the access rights.

Selection criteria and waiting list practice

The participants of the course are selected in enrolment order. The maximum number of participants can be found in every course description. After the maximum participant number is reached, the system automatically suggests you to enrol on the waiting list (normally 5 places). If also the waiting list will be full, the course is automatically removed from the enrolment list, and you can no longer make the enrolment for it. If cancellations occur, the places are filled according to the waiting list order. The customer on the first seat of the waiting list will automatically be accepted on the course and a new waiting list seat is released for enrolment. 

Under Mypage you can see a list of all the courses on which you have enrolled. You can see the status of your enrolment for each course. Status "Waiting" means your enrolment is being processed and you will soon receive a confirmation e-mail. Once the process is ready and you have received the e-mail (the e-mail connected to your Haka-identification = the university e-mail) and the course information is updated on the Mypage. The status is then changed to "Confirmed".

If the status is "on waitlist", you are on waiting list for the course. If you are accepted on to a course from the waiting list, you will be informed via e-mail. Please check your trash-mailbox. The enrolment is binding until the end of the course enrolment period also for the customers enrolled on waiting list. After the enrolment period is over the cancellation of the enrolment is not possible. Also, no more customers from waiting list are accepted on the course.

Course fee

To be able to participate on the course, the Unipoli Sport fee must be paid. In addition, for most of the courses, a participation fee is charged to cover part of the expenses for organizing the course. On your Mypage you can see the payment information and your personal ID number with which the payment must be done. The course fee must be paid before the due date. The due date is mentioned in the course description.

The course fee must also be paid if the participant does not cancel the enrolment before the due date (within the enrolment period). A payment obligation may be waived after the registration period has ended only by presenting a valid proof (such as a doctor's certificate) of the obstacle to attendance. An unpaid course fee results to a reservation ban for the services of Unipoli Sport, which is valid until the payment is completed.

Cancellation terms

The enrolment is binding, so please do not enrol “just in case”. Enrolments are personal, and cannot be transferred to another person.

Participant's cancellation: You can cancel your enrolment via the enrolment system’s Mypage during the enrolment period. Cancellations made after the enrolment period need a certificate (e.g. doctor’s certificate) in order for the course fee to be returned. The course fee must be paid if the participant does not cancel the enrolment before the enrolment period ends. The participant is responsible for checking that the cancellation made via the Mypage has succeeded, i.e. the course is no longer listed on Mypage. In case the cancellation via Mypage is not possible for technical reasons, for example, you can cancel the enrolment also by informing the person responsible for the course directly by e-mail. In this case also, the cancellation needs to be made during the enrolment period.

Organizer's cancellation: Courses will be cancelled if there are not enough participants enrolled (every course has its minimum participant number). The participants will be informed about the cancellations, and a notice will also be posted on the Unipoli Sport web page under Courses. If the course is cancelled by the organizer, the already paid course fees are refunded to the customer.


Mypage shows you all the courses you have enrolled on and other reservations you have made (for example ball games, massage, gym instruction...) via the Selection Calendar. The dates, locations and other important information is listed for each event. Possible cancellations are also made via the Mypage. However, please notice the changing cancellation deadlines for each reservation (for courses the due date is the last enrolment day)!

Customer registry for sports courses

Unipoli Sport does not uphold a separate customer registry of the sports course participants. Participant e-mail addresses are automatically collected with the enrolment (via the Haka-enrolment system) and they are only used for contacting the customer regarding the course and feedback survey related matters. The e-mail addresses are not used for any other purpose.

Do you wish to get more information?

More information about the course and enrolments are given by the sport managers and sport expert of the organizing university in question. Please, find the contact information on contact page. The contact e-mail is also shown on Mypage and the course listing for each course.

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