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Series and tournaments

Series and tournaments are some of the activities organised by TUrVoKe, Tamko and UtaSport, and particularly their clubs.

Both students and employees can sign up to compete in the championships in these series, which are organised for floorball, basketball and other similar team games. Championship games are also organised for solo sports, such as badminton and table tennis.

Teams are charged a nominal fee for participating in the series, which is used to cover the judges’ salaries and hall rental. TUrVoKe, Tamko and UtaSport also support the series financially.

Get a team together from your society, student organisation or department. Or get both students and employees together, and come enjoy the spirit of the series!

The timetables and enrolments are announced via current news and the Unipoli Sport Facebook. Keep a look out for the announcements!


You can get to know the participant instructions and up-to-date series timetables on the organisers' internet pages:

TUrVoKe ry

Tolu ry

UtaSport ry



You can also learn about the opportunities offered by the sports clubs’ activities as a whole. 

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