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Sports equipment

Sports equipment is available for students and staff members to borrow. Kuvat: Petri Laitinen ja Teemu Launis

Hervanta - TUT sports equipment for loan 

There is a wide selection of sports equipment available at Tamppi Areena in the storeroom at the end of the ball games area: a table tennis table, basketballs, volleyballs, crash mats, goals etc.

The following equipment can be reserved and borrowed from Tamppi Areena customer services:

  • Floorball sticks
  • A Finnish baseball set
  • A beach volleyball
  • Frisbee golf discs
  • Frisbees
  • A football
  • Game vests
  • A"kyykkä" set
  • Sledges
  • Bubble footballs
    * Bubble footballs can be used only in Tamppi Areena
    * More info about bubble footballs from TUT's sports secretary: anna.hautamaki(ät)

Hervanta - TUT sports equipment for sale

TUrVoKe sells the following objects at cost for all Unipoli Sport customers.
Available at Tamppi Areena customer services.

  • Victor shuttlecocks, 2€/piece
  • Victor badminton rackets, 20€ (carbon shaft, aluminium frame)
    or 45€ (full carbon racket)
  • TUrVoKe overall patches, 2,5€/piece


Kauppi - TAMK - Tamko's sports equipment for loan

Sports equipment such as rackets and balls can be borrowed from the Tamko office. Check the items that can be borrowed here.


City Centre - UTA - Atalpa's sports equipment for loan

Basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, futsal balls and floor ball sticks can be borrowed from Atalpa reception. 

TAMK Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto Tampereen yliopisto