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Group exercise classes

Lots of different classes with different levels of difficulty.

Give different exercises a try and find the one that suits you!

Class enrolment: There is no need to enrol on the group exercise classes; places are available on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive before the class starts.

Tokens: For classes with a limited number of participants due to equipment limitations, a token is required. The tokens are available one hour before the class begins and can be picked up from the customer service point (TUT: Tamppi Areena, UTA: Atalpa, TAMK: Sport building).

Take with you: a water bottle and a sweat towel!

The lenght of the class: Each group exercise class is started according to the schedule and finished 5 minutes before the end leaving a transfer time for the following class. Hence, the length of the class is 25 min (classes of 30 min), 40 min (classes of 45 min), 55 min (classes of 60 min), 70 min (classes of 75 min) or 85 min (classes of 90 min).


Kuvat: Jonne Renvall ja Petri Laitinen

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