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Personal and group services

Personal coaching is often the easiest and safest way to intensify your training. Gym instruction enables you to make a safe start to your gym training or to boost your current performance.

Get involved in sports!

Special groups and individual support are meant to give you an easy start if you have not done sports before or are very new to it. You can start by yourself, with a friend or in a group.

Kuva: Petri Laitinen




Sports consultation

Sports consultation is a free one-hour-service that is meant to help students and staff members who are not currently active to find their own way of doing sports. The service is designed for people who have no health obstacles to training but who need some personal guidance to get started. Sports consultation service is free for every student and staff member of a Unipoli Sport university.

Sports consultation includes one personal meeting with Unipoli Sport's sports adviser. At the meeting (appr. 30-60 minutes), the adviser will tell you about different kind of sports opportunities. After this, you can discuss the best way to start exercising.

Sports advisers of Unipoli Sport

Anna Hautamäki (Bachelor of Sports Studies)

  • Email: liikuntasihteeri(at)
  • Tel: +358 50 4619 760 (Mon-Fri at 9.15-15)
  • Available (at Tamppi Areena customer services) Mon-Fri at 9.15-15
  • Available only in Hervanta at TUT campus


Heidi Olsbo (Bachelor of Sports Studies)

  • Email:
  • Tel: +358 40 627 9551 (Mon-Fri at 9-15)
  • Available (at TAMK Sports Arena customer service) Mon-Fri at 9-15
  • Available only in Kauppi at TAMK campus



Booking the appointment

If you feel that this service could help you to get started exercising, reserve first meeting from Selection Calendar (personal services) or by contacting the sports adviser directly. The second meeting time is agreed during the first meeting together with the sports adviser.


Sports consultation is completely free of charge. The customer does not need to be a customer of Unipoli Sport but he/she needs to be a student or a staff member at a Unipoli Sport university (TUT, UTA or TAMK).


Individual gym instruction for beginners

Gym instruction is meant to help you get started with gym training or boost your current performance. Instruction is meant for a generally healthy person. If you suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, for example, it is recommended that you contact FSHS (the Finnish student health service) or other healthcare service first and start your training with their help.

The Unipoli Sport fee must be paid before the sessions.

Gym instruction services can be bought in packages of 1 or 2 sessions. Also a personal gym training program can be bought separately. One session lasts for 55 minutes, however, the sessions can be held after one another, which results to fewer meetings with longer sessions. The service takes place in Tamppi Areena sports hall gym.

Gym instruction packages

  • Plain gym training program: Program with no instruction sessions can be ordered from gym instructor. To order this please visit Tamppi Areena customer service and fill preliminary form and have a short discussion with gym instructor. No appointment is needed. Gym instructor is usually present in Tamppi Areena Mon-Fri at 9:15-15:00.
  • Gym instruction (1-2 sessions) + gym training program: Instructor designs you a personal program. Instruction sessions can be used to learn the program, to familiarise yourself with certain muscle groups’ training methods, or to familiarise yourself with the gym equipment. If you want to learn the training program immediatelly on the first session please visit Tamppi Areena customer service and fill a preliminary form before the first session. Instructor is usually present in Tamppi Areena Mon-Fri at 9:15-15:00.

Gym instructor

 Anna Hautamäki

  • Email: liikuntasihteeri(at)
  • Tel: +358 50 4619 760 (Mon-Fri at 9.15-15)
  • Available (at Tamppi Areena customer services) Mon-Fri at 9.15-15

Johanna Kutvonen

  • Tel: +358 40 5948 130
  • E-mail: johanna.kutvonen(at)
  • Available according to agreement
  • Instuction only in TAMK or UTA                                                 


Milla Korhonen

  • Tel: +358 40 828 4361
  • E-mail:
  • Available according to agreement
  • Instuction only in TAMK or UTA




Booking the appointment

Book the first training session from Selection Calendar (Personal Services) or by contacting the gym instructor personally. The instructor will contact you after the reservation. Possible other training session are reserved after the first session.


Payment at Tamppi Areena customer services.

See the price list.



Personal Training (PT)

Well-being with the help of a Personal Trainer!

Personal Training services can be booked in packages of three, five, ten and 20 sessions, and you can practice either alone or with 1–3 friends.

A personal survey, a sport/gym program and the number of meetings with the PT according to your choice are included in the packages. The meetings can also include dietary instructions, getting to know different sports and muscle, mobility and endurance testing.

The training sessions (55 min) can be held at any of the Unipoli Sport campuses or at, for example, a sports field or a swimming pool suitable for you. The Unipoli Sport fee must be paid before the sessions.

Unipoli Sport’s Personal Trainer:

Ms Johanna Kutvonen

  • Physical education instructor
  • FAF Personal Trainer
  • Cross-training instructor, SUH swimming teacher, Unipoli Sport’s group exercise instructor
  • Expert in basketball, gym training, triathlon, cross training
  • Tel. +358 40 5948 130
  • E-mail: j.peltonen(at)
  • Available according to agreement

Booking the appointment

Contact the instructor by e-mail or phone.

  • Send the background information form (only in Finnish) by e-mail (pdf). If you are unable to save the form (Adobe Reader 9 or a later version is needed), you can print, scan and send the form by e-mail or send the equivalent information by e-mail.
  • During the first session you will sign a Personal Training contract.
  • If you need to cancel a session, please make it 24 hours before the agreed appointment time. PT will charge € 40 by invoice for an irrevocable session.


See the price list.


Group instruction

Group instruction service is designed for groups of 5-15 person to exercise instructed in desired sport. Service includes instructor and sports facility reserved for group's use. All members of group must have a valid Unipoli Sport sports fee. The instruction takes place at either TUT or TAMK campus.


  • The instruction may include gym training, group exercise class, ball games or outdoor activities
  • Gym training: Introduction to gym equipment, intruduction to a general gym program etc.
  • Group exercise class: Aerobic, Fitness or Balance class
  • Ball games: Instructed ball game in chosen sport
  • Outdoor activities: Walk, jogging or Nordic walking
  • One instruction time is 55 min
  • There may be 1-5 instruction times per group
  • Instructions may be performed Mon-Fri at 8am-5pm

Instructor and booking the appointment

Group instruction is reserved and contents fixed with instructor.

 Anna Hautamäki

  • Email: liikuntasihteeri(at)
  • Tel: +358 50 4619 760 (Mon-Fri at 9.15-15)
  • Available (at Tamppi Areena customer services) Mon-Fri at 9.15-15

Heidi Olsbo

  • Email: heidi(at)
  • Tel: +358 40 627 9551 (Mon-Fri at 9-15)
  • Available (at TAMK Sports Arena customer services) Mon-Fri at 9-15


Payment by invoice or at Tamppi Areena customer services.

See the price list.



Massage services are available at the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology campuses. Every appoitment is designed separately according to the needs of the customer.



Massage therapist Virve Raittinen offers you classic massage and Indian head massage at Atalpa building on Wednesdays. Virve is on a holiday until September 2017.

Booking the appointment

Please make a reservation via Unipoli Sport Selection Calendar (personal services). Massage time slots are on Wednesdays at 12-14.45. The length of a massage is 45 minutes. Cancellation should be made by previous Tuesday at 12.00. After this you please make the cancellation to Virve Raittinen by phone. € 30 will be charged in case of no-show.


Payments in cash, please have even money with you. See the price list


TUT massage services can be used only by TUT staff and students.

Massage therapists Petri Marjamaa and Nina Östman offer you massage at the Konetalo at TUT, room K708. 

Booking the appointment

Please make a reservation directly with the massage therapist. You can choose an appropriate length for your massage. Possible cancellations should be made by previous day 8 pm by phone directly with the massage therapist. A half of the price of the massage is charged in case of no-show.

Nina Östman (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday): 050 411 7213
Petri Marjamaa (Thursday and Friday at 9-17): 0400 524 225


Payments in cash, or ask for an invoice. See the price list.

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