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Price list of TAMK

Payment instructions

Payment periods and prices Unipoli Sport 2017-2018

Period Students Staff
Autumn 1.8.-31.12. 41 €
46 €
Spring 1.1.-31.7. 45 €
50 €
Whole year 1.8.-31.7. 70 €
80 €


Members of Tamko can pay the Unipoli Sport fee at the Tamko office (Kuntokatu 3, L-building). Other TAMK students can pay at the TAMK info desks in Kuntokatu 3 (payments only by debit card for security reasons) or Sports Arena customer service. The receipt is given with the payment. The access rights are automatically loaded into your TAMK access card.

Student members of Tamko are entitled for the affordabe Unipoli Sport fee. If you are not a member of the student union (not a member of Tamko), the price for the sports fee is different:

Unipoli Sport fee 2017-2018 for TAMK
students who are not members of Tamko

Autumn 1.8.-31.12. €46
Spring 1.1.-31.7. €50
Whole year 1.8.-31.7. €80


Staff members can pay the Unipoli Sport fee at the TAMK info desk in Kuntokatu, and you will get the receipt with the payment. Or, on approval, the Unipoli Sport fee can be deducted directly from the salary, in which case the receipt can be picked up from the Kuntokatu 3 info desk. Check the staff intranet pages for more detailed information.


Accessing another campus’ facilities

After paying the Unipoli Sport fee at TAMK, you have the right to use the sports services of the two other Unipoli Sport collaboration universities. Access rights need to be applied for personally from the target university. Read more information about applying for the access rights. 

Access card to be used

TAMK students who are member of Tamko must use their Tamko student card. Other students and staff members can use some other card using the same technology, such as a TKL travel bus card. Remember to take the card with you when go to get the rights. If you do not have a card suitable for this use, you will be provided with one. You can use the same card for access rights to all locations.

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