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Price list of TUT

Payment instructions

Payment periods and prices Unipoli Sport 2017-2018

Period Students Staff
Autumn 1.8.-31.12.2017 41 €
46 €
Spring 1.1.-31.7.2018 45 €
50 €
Whole year
1.8.2017-31.7.2018 70 €


Unipoli Sport fee can be paid by degree students and post-graduate students who have paid the student union fee. Students who have paid the Unipoli Sport fee will automatically get membership of the registered association TUrVoKe, which is responsible for arranging sports services at TUT. If you do not wish to use the sports services but do wish to be a member of TUrVoKe, you can just pay the membership fee of €1.25/term or €2.50/academic year.

The fee must be paid by bank transfer, and you will get the receipt after the payment (you can, for example, print it at your online bank):

Payee: TUrVoKe ry
Account number: FI12 8000 14710 73545  (Bic: DABAFIHH)
Reference number: Personal "2017..." starting number found from -> Studies -> My basic Information

Note! If you are using your home country's bank for the payment, please show the payment receipt in Tamppi Areena customer service. The automatical update of student card doesn't work if the money is transferred from abroad.

TUT staff

Staff can pay the sports fee only for half a year at time.

The Unipoli Sport fee must be paid via a payment application that can be found at Tutka. All the TUT staff members can use the application. Fees will be collected directly from your salary. Your area of responsibility supports your sports activities by paying a half of the sports fee. The area of responsibility's fee is collected from the area of responsibility's TYKY (Maintenance of Work Ability) project. Check the staff intranet pages for more detailed information. You can print the payment receipt from HR Suite (example).

Sports access areas are added automatically to staff card on the following night after registration.

Other users

TUT's campus' employees whose salary is been paid by some other organization than TUT (so called Ufos) can pay sports fee from separate price list. TUT campus companies must have a permanent rental agreement at TUT campus so that it's employees can pay the sports fee. Ufo's can pay the sports fee for academic year 1.8.-31.7. The amount is 106€ (VAT 10%). Sports fee payer has the right to use TUT's sports facilities self-oriented and participate in group exercise classes at TUT. Other services and campuses of Unipoli Sport are not in use. Sports fee info can be picked up from Tamppi Areena customer service.


Accessing another campus’ facilities

After paying the Unipoli Sport fee at TUrVoKe or TUTuniversity, you have the right to use the sports services of the two other Unipoli Sport collaboration universities. Access rights need to be applied for personally from the target university. Read more information about applying for the access rights.

Access card to be used

Students and staff of TUT and UTA must use their student/staff card to access card all locations.

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